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Yangpyeong Environment-friendly Mulberries

We introduce you Yangpyeong Environment-friendly Mulberries

Mulberry trees, indigenous of China, has been named
뽕나무 (Ppong Na mu) in Korea to imitate the sound of gas people pass after eating its fruit mulberries by stimulating digestion. The leaves of the tree contains Vitamin A,B,C,D and more to prevent eye disease and strengthen the bones.
It has been recorded in Tonguibogam that "Mulberry leaves have no poison, eliminate beriberi and edema, is beneficial to the large and small intestines and reduce precordial pains. Botanical List, Chinese Book of Pharmacy records that "mulberry leaves prevent strokes and reduce the head in the lungs. It treats the fever, headaches and coughs from cold and eliminates sputum. Also the leaves clear the eyes and liver, treat the eye disease from fevers and reduce inflammation, dryness and pain in the eyes."
Mulberry leaves contain highest amount of protein next to bean among plants. It has rich amount of hypotensor GABA with almost 10 times that of green tea and also contains rutin which reinforces the capillaries to prevent hypertension. It is also effective on diabetes. Rich calcium and fiber also are beneficial to stimulation of intestines and improving constipation.

[Chief Ingredients of Mulberry Leaves 100g]

Categories Water(%) Protein(%) Fats(%) Carbohydrates(%)
Mulberry Leaf 77.4 6.6 0.5 12.3
Fiber(%) Ashes(%) Ca(mg%) Fe(mg%) Vitamin(mg%)
2.2 1.0 120 4 12

[Comparison of Ingredients between mulberry leaves and green tea 100g]

Categories Ca Fe K Vitamin A Vitamin B1 Vitamin B2 Vitamin C Fiber(%) GABA Rutin
Mulberry Leaf 2,699 44 3,101 4,130 0.6 1.4 32 25 250 380
Green Tea 440 20 2,200 7,200 0.4 1.4 2,500 11 25 100
  • DNJ : Improve antidiabetic stimulation, obesity, arteriosclerosis, hyperlipemia. shows outstanding effects on diabetic patients and reduces the glucose levels in blood by 59% and increase production of insulin by 40%
  • GABA : Hypertensor, antidiabetic stimulation
  • What is GABA? It is a naturally occurring neurotransmitter which is rich in sprung grain and fermented vegetables. It is often used in health function foods as it reduces stress, improves memory and has anti-obesity effects.
  • RUTIN : Reinforces capillaries, prevents strokes, hyperlipemia, and has stimulating antidiabetic effects. Has higher content than buckwheats.

Black mulberries that spirit of mulberry trees nurture
Green mulberries start forming in April to May and start changing its color after growing to radius of about 2cm to deep purple color that looks back in May to June in the time for harvest. Mulberries are sweet and has sweet and sour taste with fresh fragrance and is also known to benefit the kidney and liver functions with vitamin A, B1, B2, D, calcium, phosphorus and iron.
Mulberry fruits in the old records
According to the records in Tonguibogam Liquid Medicine Section, "Black mulberries are where the spirit of the mulberry leaves are gathered and is beneficial to diabetes and the five viscera. Prolonged intake of mulberries will blacken the white hair and prevent aging." The Book of North Korean Traditional Asian Medicine records that mulberry is "sweet in flavor and has cold qualities. It has effects on heart and liver, assists hematophagia, improves constipation and blackens hair. It is good to take 9-30g per day either boiled or dried."
Natural health food Mulberries
Mulberries contain various components such as anthocyanin C3G, GABA, rutin, and many vitamins. Anthocyanin and C3G in mulberries and blackberries are antioxidant pigments that suppresses again and mulberries have high content of anthocyanin compared to other fruits. Pectin, which prevents constipation and colon cancer , and polyphenol that has antioxidant effect and flavonoids that prevent heart diseases are rick in mulberries than in raspberries.
Mulberries, fruit of mulberry trees, have very high contents of mineral and vitamins compared to ordinary fruits
Categories CA K Vitamin B Vitamin C
Fuji Apples 14x 3x 70x 13x
Asian Pears 14x 2x 50x 18x
Kyoho grapes 11x 2x 35x 9x
Mandarins 3x 2x 13x 1.5x
  • Anthocyanin(C3G) : antioxidant effects, anticancer effects, protective effects on neural cells, prevents dementia and Alzheimer's, suppresses aging, recovers from diabetic retinal conditions, improves eye sights, Amazing effects of suppression of aging, 23 times that of grapes and 2.3 times that of colored rice
  • Vitamin C : 14 times of apple and contains 4-5 times of iron compared to other fruits

* Source : Rural Development Administration National Institute Agricultural Science and Technology Annual Convention of Science & Technology Science Technology Excellent Paper Award 2011 (Im Jeong Dae et al. of Kangwon University)

Yangpyeong has Clear Water
Yangpyeong is environment-friendly ecological city where nature, ecology and the environment is well preserved with about 50% of its forests graded degree 1 in Degree of Naturality.
Yangpyeong is the nation's only environment-friendly special agricultural area and have been award Grand Prize in Environment-friendly Special Agricultural Area in October 2007. It is only 40 minutes away from Seoul and has convenient transportation. It is also a tourism city where you can experience the real farms and experience villages with the theme of farms and diverse tour resources such as Yongmum Mountains and Semiwon.

Purchase Yangpyeong Environment-friendly Mulberry Products

Yangpyeong Environment-friendly Mulberry Farm
Yangpyeong Mulberry trees are in production in about 190 farms starting in 2004 from Yangsuh Myun and Seojong Myun for planting. It is safe grown organically with no pesticides. Developments of new and diverse mulberry products are underway and excellent quality is guaranteed with the Grand Prize in 19th Natinal Outstanding Produce Fair in Special Sector.

Protect your health with Yangpyeong
Environment-friendly Mulberry Products grown by the
beautiful nature and beautiful people.